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3-day FREE challenge 

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3-Day FREE Challenge to the Healing Perfectionist

How could YOUR life be easier if you didn't have a constant need to be perfect in different areas of life and situations? What kind of relationship would be easier and better in YOUR life if you could not control the situation and "take it easy"?  

Entering the world of the 'Healing Perfectionist ', you will learn to notice your 'perfectionist self' at any moment and choose the way of thinking and behaving that is best for you.  

You will discover how to let go of control if necessary and enjoy the moments and people exactly as they are. 

What is the personality of your perfectionist and how does he hold you back?

What is the reason that you set yourself extremely high goals and create rules that hinder you? 

What to do when a perfectionist takes over and you have too much control over situations? 

How to create new norms of behavior and connections for yourself and enter the world of the healing perfectionist? 

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Join the challenge and discover how to let go of control and become friends with your perfectionist!

I am Silja and I am a healing perfectionist!  

I have spent most of my life on perfectionism and the challenges that come with it.

But hundreds of hours of learning, studying, and practicing have taken me on a journey where I get along well with my perfectionist and we no longer stand in the way of each other. Sometimes, when we don't understand each other, I have exercises and tips on how to move forward in peace and together again.

I want to share with you what you have learned and experienced and help you find peace within and around you - make friends with your perfectionist!


I am grateful for every opportunity to look inside myself, especially if it is expertly instructed and done with the help of "fellow people". Thank you, Silja!

I took the following keywords from the three-day challenge:
* Buffet - even in life we can always choose what tastes (tends to forget or does not always dare to follow this principle);

* enjoy the process - the experience is enriching;

* Create your own pearl necklace - make your thoughts audible / visible because they are right!

In fact, of course, there was much more food for thought.
I also really enjoyed the guided meditations. Silja, your voice is especially firm and encouraging in them.

Thank you so much for the quality time!

Ann Täpp

I was wondering how to give feedback perfectly so that it would be authentic :)
The moment I saw a challenge called the Healing Perfectionist, it spoke to me and
I registered for this challenge. Later, I began to wonder if I would
I really thought I was a perfectionist and I doubted myself. 
Now that I was trying to line up my thoughts, I found it
from the first thought the word perfect :)
My authentic feedback on this challenge sounds like I felt like Silja
cared for, loved and a 100% positive person. Thank you!


Thank you, Silja, for this opportunity to look at yourself.

I don't know how you did it, but I volunteered to talk about myself. In general, I'm more of a listener and I don't tend to spread my life very much. It must be said that it was good to speak out loud. 
Focus and being present - you need to be more aware of this development. When thoughts are dripping, the rest is going to flutter. I just experienced ...

Usually, I'm not a very heart-splitter, and I'm not telling anyone that you're really fantastic (even though you just turned your hand together), but in this combination it seemed absolutely right - not fake at all.

It was very nice and safe to go with you all.

Welcome to the world of the healing perfectionist!
The challenge is open until the evening of November 23 and can be viewed until November 28. 
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