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2-day training 

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Trainer Silja Siller

3-WEEK ONLINE TRAINING "Improving Perfectionism"

During the training, you will learn how to avoid all the time, energy and emotions that a perfectionist uses every day and unnecessarily, and you will learn to create the most successful formula for satisfaction. 
Topics covered in the training include: 
✅ Guilt and accusation
Hinnang Life (non) balance assessment and calibration

✅ Strengths, weaknesses and setting goals according to them
✅ Borders and freedom and the right habits
✅ Embedding new habits and routines 
✅ Staying on track with the values 
✅ Apologies and apologies
✅ Physical e  and spiritual  welfare
✅ Self-love
✅ Satisfaction

Understanding what causes my perfectionism and how they shape my worldview. 

Necessary tools to be more affectionate with yourself, a better friend and to cooperate with your perfectionism. 

Understanding how perfectionism holds me back and how it affects my relationships. 

Specific tasks, exercises, steps and activities to introduce a new way of thinking and behaving; jpm.

Sandy Beach

Everything you get access to in addition to training and materials: 

    "Improving Perfectionist" training videos ( value € 1495 )

  • WELL-BEING ” workbook ( value € 95 )

  • " CALMING THE INTERNAL CRITICIAN"  meditation file ( value € 85 )

  • COMMUNICATION STYLES ” workbook ( value € 295 )


Price: € 397 + km

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Take part in the training and learn what steps you can take to find peace in yourself and your relationship without giving up!

I am Silja and I am a healing perfectionist!  

I have spent most of my life on perfectionism and the challenges that come with it.

But hundreds of hours of learning, studying, and practicing have taken me on a journey where I get along well with my perfectionist and we no longer stand in the way of each other. Sometimes, when we don't understand each other, I have exercises and tips on how to move forward in peace and together again.

I want to share with you the learned and developed methods and help you find peace within and around yourself - to be balanced on a daily basis but at the same time to achieve the desired goals!

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