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A practice created just for you!

This class is the best choice both for a beginner as well as any yogi with previous experience, as it fulfills the desire for support and guidance from a teacher.   

The practice is built on your wishes, needs and goals

Length of the class is 70 min

PRICE: €85

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Bundle of practices: 4x a month.

If you want to learn more about yoga, deepen your practice and/or commit to yoga a little more seriously, this package is a great choice!

At the beginning of the month, you'll scehdule the classes and all that's left is to enjoy your practice.  

One class lasts 60 min

PRICE: €280

Vaimne tervis


Coaching for personal well-being.

This session is perfect for looking inside and creating necessary habits and tools for change. Coach will help you see different patterns in your thoughts & life and get to the bigger picture & understanding

Length of a session is ca 75 min

PRICE: €105



Coaching bundle: 4x a month.

Changes and new habits begin from commitment to oneself and this bundle of four sessions is a great starting point just for that.
With coachs' support you start taking safe steps towards your well-being and different goals.

One session lasts ca 75 min

PRICE: €360

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"Practices guided by Silja are a wonderful combination of strength, lightness, fun and gratitude - every class is new and unique, full of the joy of discovery and opportunities. When you are on the mat with Silja, it seems as if there are no distracting boundaries - there are only opportunities, the moment and the game. She can do it all spice it up with guidance and breathing-supporting life philosophy and heart-warming affection."

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