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How to find more balance in everyday?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Some days there is lots to be happy about and others only bring a desire to retreat back to bed and hide with them.

How can we create more balance between these extremes, find satisfaction and contentment inside ourselves and in the world around us?

(#satisfaction #content #balance #peace)

Nothing happens in our lives without any effort - everything we do has a cause, effect and consequences.

At the same time, it is important to understand that thoughts in our heads are just thoughts - they do not make us good or bad, they are actually neutral and there are many of them (depending on what research we believe, there are up ca 65,000 thoughts in our heads every day). The more we are aware of our thoughts, the more we realize what kinds of thoughts our emotions and actions are based on. Yet usually, the actions happen way to fast for us to catch - they happen based on years long practice and patterns.

Hence, in order to change the road from thoughts to actions, we need to stay present and imagine what kind of result we want and then create the path that allows us to achieve the present moment we desire.

What does peace mean to you?

Peace isn't necessarily a complete silence with no thoughts inside your head and you being surrounded by true harmony. NO!

Rather, peace means that you can come to terms with what is actually going on in your life RIGHT NOW without having to constantly fight with the reality and wanting to be someone or somewhere else.

Peace = SATISFACTION and CONTENTMENT in the present moment and with yourself.

It is also good to remember that contentment does not mean that there must be no desires, goals or dreams of a different life or situation. On the contrary! When there is satisfaction within us in the moment, we have more energy and awareness to make new choices, move towards dreams and goals.

Balance is not something that can be bought in a store - it is necessary to take small steps every day to achieve it!

Plan your daily well-being routine

In order to create a little more balance in your life and to have something to rely on on not so great days, it is important to create a balancing routine for yourself. Every small step is important in finding your inner peace, and a daily routine is the key to starting the journey!

Start your morning with at least one activity that will help you find a positive perspective and bring your attention inside.

For example, GRATITUDE exercise is a perfect way to start!

Think about 3 things / people / activities in your life that you are grateful for as a first thing when you open your eyes in the morning (#gratitude) and allow yourself to get into the mindset of contentment & love.

Gratitude is the feeling when you think of the person you love the most in this world and feel a lump down your throat - 'When the heart opens, the eyes flood' - kind of feeling. This is the ultimate gratitude - the feeling of love.

A 5-minute BREATHING (#breathing #pause) break is also suitable as a morning routine, where you find time and a moment to be by yourself, close your eyes and just be, letting yourself dream away. And when you start thinking a lot about everyday stuff, count the seconds of your breathing (for example 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5 inhaling and 1-5 exhaling) and realize that this is normal.

Focusing on your breathing will help prolong the pause between the stimulus and your reaction and allow you to understand how you feel, what is good for you and where you want to focus today before you start editing or reacting.

It's enough to invest at least 5 minutes in your well-being every day!

It is definitely important to do at least one activity every day that is just for your pleasure and JOY - something that gives you the opportunity to have fun and/or relax. Too often we forget that life is meant for us to enjoy the journey and everyday life becomes a struggle towards higher goals instead. Take time for yourself every day and ENJOY the moment!

Make a LIST (#list) of activities you enjoy: walking, reading, taking a bath, baking, writing, snacking, Netflix, and more. Write down all activities that have no purpose (for example, reading for learning purpose is not suitable) and that you just love to do.

When the list is ready, you can choose at least one activity from it every day depending on how much time you have and what are the circumstances. This way you get the opportunity to enjoy and be present and let go of the need to rush, do and achieve.

Feed your 'muse' - look for inspiration everywhere

It is only possible to achieve goals and move towards dreams with sufficient motivation and energy. Therefore, it is extremely important to constantly feed your muse - to find your inner source of motivation and to constantly contribute to it.


Read books, magazines, blogs that give you exciting food for thought and make you dream. Watch videos and various lectures, listen to podcasts (our favourite ones at the moment are: Dare To Lead ; School Of Grateness ; Tim Ferris ; Desert Island Discs ; Huberman Lab ; Happy Place ; Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard; Electric Enthusiasm; etc) and seminars that share new and interesting information. Follow your favorite trendsetters, authors, artists and friends on social media and think about their ideas and quotes.

Inspiration can come from delicious food, someone's smile, listening to music (listen to our playlists on Spotify) or doing things in the bathroom in the morning 😊

Just be open and notice new ideas - later you will be able to rethink or re-evaluate them if necessary.

Balance is not a magic number on your phone or a beautiful picture on your wall, it is a feeling of well-being within you that you achieve by investing in yourself and working on it continuously, enjoying what IS and step by step moving towards what you dream of.

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