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How to start practicing yoga?

Updated: May 5, 2021

There has been lots written and talked about the usefulness and benefits of yoga in recent years. And fortunately, many peaople have either tried or already started to practice some sort of yoga. Yet, there's is often the question (especially, if you are new to all this yoga world #yoga #start) - what is the best way and how to start this centuries-old practice?

Is it really necessary, like Instagram pictures (#instagramyoga) often show, to be flexible like a gymnast, be able to stand on your hands or head, wear latest fashion clothes and look like a supermodel?

Luckily. the real truth about starting yoga is much easier! You will need time for yourself to be able to focus without distractions, a desire to do good for yourself and, if possible, a good teacher (in private, group classes or online). You don't have to be a former gymnast to start yoga - the only place that needs to be flexible in reality is between your two ears 😊

At that time you can start exploring the world of yoga to the fullest - and there's a lot to explore and discover!

Be sure to take the time to find the right style and teacher (#time #yogateacher). I think finding the right practice and teacher is a bit like meeting a new best friend - you know it in your heart as soon as you have the right match! Choose the RIGHT teacher and yoga style! It takes time to really understand whether and what type of yoga is right for you - my personal recommendation is to try at least 3 practices with each teacher and/or style (#styleofyoga). First time practicing anything has a bit of insecurity involved and it takes a lot of energy to figure out what and how to do.

The following times, however, you will already start to recognize the moves & poses, figure out what to do and what is the teacher saying as well as what is this style of yoga all about. There is no better yoga style for you than the one you like and enjoy!

Take enough TIME! When stepping on the mat, be sure to have enough time.

Mainly, so that you can practice the whole class and don't have to run anywhere before the final relaxation (#savasana). Savasana, this wonderful final relaxation is one of the main parts of any yoga practice, where your body and mind truly get to unwind. Without that final part a yoga class is just like a hot summerday without the sun. Likewise, take enough time also after the practice not to rush anywhere immediately after the practice - it's good to let yourself breathe and feel what really happened/is happening to you during and after yoga and take with you the most important teachings and discoveries. Start where you are CURRENTLY! Often together with starting a yoga practice, also yogis' values and worldview can change a bit. Why? Well, yoga is not just a physical pracitice - it is build on 8 limbs (#ashtanghayoga #8limbsofyoga) or pillars, of whice truly important factor of the pracitce is the practicioners' mindset - how you view yourself and the world. Hence, practicing yoga can naturally influence you to start thinking deeper about what's important and what are your core beliefs.

After all, you'll be spending a lot of time on your mat just in the company of yourself! Everyone starts doing yoga for their own reasons: who wants to develop peace and awareness, who seeks physical movement & improvement and some people just want to try something new. Always start with exactly the goal that is important to you! There is no point in spending your time and energy on someone elses dreams, no matter how good the results might be! If physical yoga seems difficult, start with a more meditative version, and contrarily, if you don't like #meditation, start with more physical style of yoga. After all, we are meant to live our lives by discovering through our own experiences and to feel through our own bodies. Just step on the mat, try & experience how yoga works for you!

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